NEC NP05LM4 Wireless Lan Module


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Image transfer via WLAN Virtual Remote via WLAN Control and monitoring of projectors via WLAN (PC Control Utility Pro 4.0 / HTTP access via browser) Specification: Operating Voltage: 5V (power supplied from the projector) Certification: WEP64/128 Encryption: WPA/WPA-2 PSK(AES,TKIP) Supported models: UM301W; UM301Wi; UM301X; UM301Xi UM351W; UM351Wi; UM361X; UM361Xi; UM352Wi; P502HL M323X; M323W; M323H; M363X; M363W; M403X; M403W; M403H; M303WS; M333WS; M353WS Warranty : 1 Year

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