Vivitek DH858N DLP Projector WUXGA 4800 ANSI

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The Vivitek DH858N Projector is a powerful All-in-One Projector with Embedded NovoConnect Wireless Collaboration, with WUXGA resolution and 4800 ANSI Lumens Brightness.

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Vivitek DH858N DLP Projector WUXGA 4800 ANSI
Model: DH858N

Powerful All-in-One Projector with Embedded NovoConnect Wireless Collaboration

Vivitek?s NovoProjector is an All-in-One innovative projection solution with built-in NovoConnect wireless collaboration capabilities. The image is superb and offers 4,800 lumen of brightness in 1080p resolution. The NovoConnect embedded collaboration tools offer wireless presenting and screen mirroring, annotation and moderation functions combined with the ability to display four users simultaneously and host multiple participants. Its cross-platform compatibility assures smooth connection with Windows, macOS, Ubuntu, Android, Chromebook and iOS devices. The NovoProjector DH858N works seamlessly with the optional Launcher modules for guests in order to enable direct wireless connection from laptops to the NovoProjector, while the NovoConnect app can be used for employees and recurring users for both laptop as well as mobile devices. The DH858N is ideally suited for medium-sized meeting rooms.

Key features

Embedded NovoConnect Wireless Collaboration solution, available in corporate and education edition Wireless presenting and screen mirroring; Annotation and moderation ; Display up to four screens simultaneously; Easy to use NovoConnect SW/App, Launcher, Web portal to share the content from any device (BOYD); Receive duplicate screen over the network; Dual networks to separate guest and employee networks with password-protected configuration.
Offers up to 300″ image with 4,800 lumens of brightness, 1080p native resolution and 15,000:1 contrast ratio
DLP? and BrilliantColor? technology
Lamp life time up to 4,000 hours in Eco mode
Horizontal and Vertical keystone with 4 corner geometric adjustment
1.5x zoom ratio for installation flexibility
New On-screen display (OSD) control menu for ease of use and improved control over viewing options
viviBlack enhances black level for higher contrast ratio
Environmental friendly design and compliance

Warranty: 3 years warranty, lamp 1000 hours or 1 year



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